Friday, November 19, 2010

First few Days at IISc

Joining IISc, Bangalore (The First Few Days) Thanks John for editing

These are my first few days after arriving at IISc Bangalore. i have been selected for MTech program in Electronic Design and Technology(EDT) offered by the Centre for Electronic Design and Technology (CEDT)

July 29 Arrival

We arrived on July 29 morning by Island Express. 'WE' includes John, Sreejith, Deepu and Deepu's mother. Sreejith boarded from Kottayam. Anoop Sathyan was also on the train but we didn't get to meet him until the next day. The Sudent's Council picked us up at the station and dropped us off in front of the hostel office were we got our rooms by lot. I got U3 which is a single room, spacious enough and near the academic section. Building is a little old but there is nothing to complain about. Sreejith got alloted to the same block as mine. John got a double room in PD block which is one among the furthest from the academic section. The rooms there are nice with terrace and balcony.

There are 9 from the 2009 batch of CET.

applied - me, john, sreejith

tele - jobin, anoop

ele - rahul

civil - meenu, deepu

mech - vargese

The first day included settling into the rooms.Some of the double roomers found their alloted rooms locked, as their roomates were off somewhere after locking their room.

July 30 Registration

The second day was registration. We were adviced to reach early, but apparently everyone was adviced so. I was 171 in queue eventhough i arrived half an hour before the alloted time. By afternoon our certificates were all checked and we were given provisional admission.( when will our s8 results be announced i wonder.) In the afternoon we submitted application for bank account into which my 8000/month stipend will be credited. That too will have to wait till the results are out.

July 31 Getting Accustomed

Joined the mess today. Food is okay. I joined south indian non vegitarian mess. we get some no vegitarian item for lunch and dinner.

Got the new sim. Airtel. My new number is 9535xyyy8z9,

a. my college bus alphabet is the x-th alphabet.

b. x is the ones digit of the class strength in 12th

c. y is 4

d. z is nothing

It is a campus plan. Everything local is okay. But STD sucks. so guys pls call. miss you all.....

Afternoon went to cycle shop to check out cycles, didn't buy.

The next two days are free.

(I am typing all this up in Wordpad cause I havent got an internet connection yet. There is no internet in hostel.)

August 1 The Marvellous Treat Day

sreeejith, john, anoop sathyan and me went to MG Road. we first got a bus to Majestic and from there to Mayo Hall. we landed right in front of

bangalore cantral. we went in as gokul said he would take some time. found out a laptop bag. didnt buy. seems like i had to sleep on it. lol...

then treat by gokul

lunch at hotel Paramount(mixed fried rice)

then at CCD (cool blue, green apple soda, choclate fantasy)

then Pizza Hut, Forum(pizza)

gokul has found out the best places to eat in bangalore, it seems....

sreekesh joined at forum, his turn next to treat us.

went to Hotel Kairali near Forum. had kerala style oonu. me had konju fry with it. gokul syas' eruvu ennu oru vikaramundu ennu maranirikkuvayirunu'.food kerala style, bill bangalore style..

saw many places around forum - nthin philip, kiran, arun s etc etc..

got back at 10.30 or so

August 2 Retreading Yesterday's Path

Morning - found out were church is. there is one just outside one of the gates of IIScwith malayalam mass. the next mass was at 5.

after lunch to bangalore central to grt a laptop bag for me, ironbox for sreejith and belt for john.

there was no way in which i could return in time for the mass. so took our own time.

August 3 first day at the department

atarted off with tea, puffs an cake. then there was an introductory speech by our chairman, professor Gopakumar sir and one sir from switzerland.

the department was started in the 1970s as a partnership between india and switzerland. we are supposed to learn everything from designing a product in software, fabricating pcbs to creating th prototype. this is the best placee to study it from in india. i am still confused about the subjects.

there are 3 girls 33 boys, 2 from isro, one from drdo, 7+1 mallus, 4 cetians

senior students from PhD showed us around. our group was guided by vikas and arun.

one thing about CEDT, everyone seems good at cracking jokes...

Loved the department. there is a tea kiosk attached to the department.

sreejith says there is only a few people in his department. he has caught a cold.

seniors advised us to enjoy ourselves to enjoy all we want the first month, coz the lab will be our home after that.

we have the afternoon off. i feel likee typing, so i am typing. i ammissing u guys, so please do call...

will get internet connection only after a few days it seems....


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